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Welcome Barbeque for 2023 Year 7 Families

Following a successful and engaging Orientation and Transition Day, 2023 Year 7 families were invited to attend a celebratory barbeque later in the evening with the current 2022 Year 7 families.

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Thank you to all families, staff and students that were able to join us, and share a plate of food with us. Community is at the heart of all that we do at Preshil and it is opportunities like these that remind us how central the people are at our school. From children to alumni, to parents and staff – you can find your people here.

Transitioning into Year 7 is a big moment for everyone, parents and students alike. There is plenty of curiosity and excitement about what this experience will be like and the pressures imposed on students entering secondary schools, where conformity, compliance and competition underpin the culture, can undermine an emerging sense of self. We want to be sure that our parents understand that Preshil offers a very exciting alternative; a rigorous and individualised program which is underpinned and validated by all of the best contemporary educational thinking and research.

Preshil students are known for their thoughtful, independent and articulate natures. They have already developed a sense of who they are and the confidence to be themselves, and Preshil can confidently say that your child is known to us. The connection between Arlington and Blackhall Kalimna staff is strong; there is a shared commitment to the children in our care and we will be working together to support their successful transition to Year 7.

Many parents remarked on how affirming it was to greet their children after their Orientation and Transition Day, and we are grateful to all that were able to join us for this special barbeque event.

Thank you for bringing a share plate from home, and special thanks to Lynden and Flick for mastering the barbeque!

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