Our Parents are not afraid to question mainstream schooling. They have made decisions based on strong educational ideals for their children. They are astute, well-informed people who want their children to achieve at the highest levels and they know that this should not be at the expense of their wellbeing.

Our parents do not confuse excellence in education with social status, impressive buildings or glossy marketing. They are not prepared to subject their children to a ‘whatever it takes’ approach to a high ATAR score and are not seeking the safety of ‘the old school tie’ as a pathway to a social milieu of privilege.

All parents and guardians are part of the social fabric of the school community. They are the volunteers behind BBQs, festivals, working bees and talking about parenting issues. New volunteers are always welcomed! Most Preshil people work, study or have ageing parents as well as children filling their lives so we try to evolve a parents’ system that’s flexible and supportive enough to let people come and go as they are able.