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"The school’s symbol a golden eagle and the school motto ‘Courage’, were inspired by the events at Priesthill and by a children’s story ‘The Wings of Courage’, written by George Sand. In this story the little orphan and cripple, Clopinet, finds the courage and desire to grow up and learn to fly ... It was Miss Lyttle’s hope that at her school ‘children would grow in self confidence, independence and a feeling of ease and security which would be apparent in all their work." - Margaret E. Lyttle

Courage is the Core Elements of Preshil, The Margaret Lyttle Memorial School. The Courage Book is dedicated to the Lyttle’s philosophy and educational vision, to honour and celebrate their achievements, and as part of Margaret E Lyttle’s Centenary celebrations. Margaret was the Principal of Preshil for fifty years until her retirement in 1994, and is acknowledged globally as a pioneer of progressive education.