Commitment to Child Safety

All children attending Preshil School have a right to feel and be safe. The welfare of the children in our care will always be our priority. Preshil is committed to the principles of cultural safety and inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds and the safety and inclusion of children with disability, and we recognize that these principles support the safety of all children. All actions and programs will maintain high ethical standards and comply with child safety standards and child protection reporting guidelines. 

We promote positive relationships between students and adults and between students and their peers. These relationships are based on trust and respect. Inappropriate or harmful behaviours targeting students based on these or other characteristics, such as racism or homophobia, are not tolerated at our school, and any instances identified will be addressed with appropriate consequences. 

We take proactive steps to identify and manage any risk of harm to students in our school environment. When child safety concerns are raised or identified we treat these seriously and respond promptly and thoroughly. 

School Governance Policies

Enrolment Policies

  • Attendance Policy and Procedure
  • Enrolment Policy
  • Enrolment Terms and Conditions
  • Enrolment Agreement
  • Leaving School Without Permission (Absconding)
  • Parent Code of Conduct
  • Student Code of Conduct

Curriculum and Student Learning

  • Academic Honesty Policy
  • Assessment Policy
  • Language Policy

Care Safety and Welfare of Students

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