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Payment Plans

Preshil School has partnered with Edstart, Australia’s leading education finance provider, to provide families with more flexibility and choice when it comes to the payment of school fees. From next year, all payment plans, other than annually, will be made via Edstart.

With Edstart Plus, tuition fees and additional charges such as composite fees, music lessons, camps fees and other subject charges can be spread evenly over 12 months in weekly, fortnightly, monthly or termly instalments, with the ability to choose your preferred day for when payments are made. We believe this increased flexibility will give families greater peace of mind when it comes to staying on top of fees.

The school will pay the cost of providing this service, ensuring that it remains free for families to use.

Families wishing to pay their fees in instalments must visit to set up an Edstart Plus account.

We request that families set up their Edstart account

For more information on Edstart Plus, watch the video below.

If you have any queries, please contact Edstart on 1300 139 445 or chat with their team at

You can also contact the School’s Business Manager for further information or enquiries regarding Preshil fees at