At Preshil we have teachers who know every child and go out of their way to cater to the children’s needs. The environment is welcoming, designed to encourage children to play, question and invent rather than to control and conform.

Preshil fees are significantly lower than most other private schools. Preshil families do not pay for vast sporting fields and facilities, cared for by armies of maintenance workers. We have a very high ratio of teachers to students which allows team teaching, individual attention, highly qualified specialists and significant time for teachers to plan. We have a generous budget for teacher professional development, but we do not have a big marketing department or large numbers of administrative staff. We offer a very broad program made possible by running many smaller classes.

Most significantly Preshil is a small school with the capacity and determination to offer a rich, progressive and challenging education reliant on outstanding teachers. Our budget does not benefit from the economy of scale that underpins all mass production and quality assured mediocrity. One size in education does not fit all and your child at Preshil will not be expected to grow into an oversized, expensive, uniform or shrink to fit a standardised, pre-packaged curriculum.