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Preshil Arts students are differentiated by their progressive approach to new trends in the art world, and to unfamiliar and challenging concepts. At Preshil we believe that true creativity takes great courage; in the words of Sir Ken Robinson, “Imagination is the source of all human achievement”. The Creative Arts afford students the opportunity to develop as individuals through the process of self-reflection and growth – through the Arts Process we take risks and learn problem-solving skills, building confidence in the face of critique.

At Preshil we believe that equipping students with fundamental technical skills is only part of the journey. We believe in exploring rich conceptual learning through the IB framework, offering students the chance to apply these fundamental skills to communicate big ideas. We encourage our students to explore the contexts that surround them as a source of inspiration, and to understand the conceptual underpinnings of the works of other artists in the contemporary and historical spheres.

Preshil students have been represented in the VCE Top Arts Exhibitions at the NGV – a credit to the talent of our students, the nurturing and creative environment of Preshil, and the dedication of our teachers that encourage students to think big. Our facilities offer a broad range of media to explore, with our purpose-built ceramics room, photography dark room and two intimate classrooms equipped with print-making equipment and digital technologies. With our IB Programmes and the implementation of individual studio spaces, our Arts department has continued to flourish.