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The aim of the Careers program at Preshil is closely aligned with our vision statement and the overall International Baccalaureate programmes. Through the IB, the program generates myriad opportunities for students to connect with and flourish in the fields of their choice, both local and international. A key aim of the program is to impart and foster the traits looked for by employers: Communication, Teamwork, Problem-Solving, Initiative & Enterprise, Planning & Organisation, Self-management and Regulation, Willingness to Learn and Technology Skills.

Deeply entwined with the Multi-Age Electives program, the aim of the Careers program is to provide each individual student with experience opportunities, current information and guidance relevant to their desired career outcomes. The program helps students make informed decisions by facilitating work experience, volunteering, information sessions, the MYP personal project and the vast array of electives available to them across their Preshil education.

Preshil attaches great importance to the connections we have established with a wide range of mentors, businesses, workplaces and industries across the state; connections that give us the opportunity to facilitate highly productive and educational work experience, guest speakers and volunteer programs. These activities provide rich prospects for mentoring and career/industry insight development, helping immensely to assist students in making choices for their future study options and career pathways.

The overarching goals of the Career program is to assist young people to:
•      build resilience in their capacity to manage change throughout their lives
•      understand and manage influences relating to career planning and lifelong learning
•      develop skills, knowledge and capabilities to make decisions regarding their future career through critical thinking, inquiry and research

At the time when children are beginning to gain their independence, social relationships and personal circumstances (including family, peer groups, stress
and increased workloads) are very influential in the decision-making process. Some students present with potential barriers to career planning; they may find their confidence falls, their grades slip, they have a perceived lack of ability, interest or motivation, they are unsure what to study, or they feel they have  limited family support.

The Careers website is available to all students, parents and staff. The website is designed to guide students as they transition into tertiary study or the workforce and equips them with information around key dates, expos, prerequisites, course admission information and support to make them job ready (such as interview skills, resume writing etc.). The site provides valuable resources for parents about the IB, VET, tertiary admissions and how to provide support to their children through these times. Students are able and encouraged to make individual appointments with the Careers Practitioner, and are counselled through their options in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Students are introduced to the Careers program through discovering how their individual characteristics including their interests, skills, values, attributes and passions contribute to achieving personal, social, educational and professional goals. Commencing the Careers program at this stage affords students plenty of time to research and apply for their Year 10 Work Experience positions (particularly highly competitive or sought-after roles or employers that need to be secured up to 12 months in advance).

Students undertake a term of Careers classes, complemented by Work Experience. Students are encouraged to make appointments with the Careers Practitioner to explore how their interests and passions can be nurtured into a successful and fulfilling career. Careers classes provide guidance on career opportunities through guest speakers, attendance at Careers Expos and various self-assessment tools. Students are supported to understand and address prerequisites for their desired courses, resume and cover letter writing, interview techniques and preparation for their chosen Work Experience.

Students are given ongoing guidance and support to further their understanding of options using the Careers website. They will learn more advanced resume writing skills, conduct independent research into tertiary prerequisites and be given assistance with service requirements for IB CAS core subjects.

Students continue with ongoing guidance for career planning, goal review and pursuing personal achievements. They also receive assistance to set up and manage their VTAC and interstate tertiary admission accounts, course preferences, early entry to university, scholarship and SEAS applications, interviews and portfolio requirements, admission tests (e.g UCAT) and alternative pathway options. Collaboration opportunities play an important role for Preshil students to develop networks for their future world of work and can represent chances to build diverse, cross-cultural relationships.