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Often when we think Drama Education for our children, we think communication; ‘it’ll really help them with public speaking’. Drama can offer so much more than this. A great deal of learning is physical, offering a great release for students. In addition, Masterclasses are held at Preshil with professional practitioners reinforcing the role the Dramatic Arts plays in our world.

In their journey of Drama Education at Preshil, students have (among other things) undertaken units in archetypal stories and characters to assist in the development of appreciation for the fundamental role stories play in our lives; To understand that they are more than simply entertainment, and can teach us a great deal about the heroes and villains in our own real-world journey and allow us to investigate characters in a way that teaches empathy.

Through the study of Acting For The Camera, students develop an understanding of the importance of listening in the art of communication; a theme that further expands to the development of their own original works of theatre.

Of course, Drama at Preshil offers students an opportunity to expand imagination and learn through play.

We look forward to seeing you on the Theatre Floor!