A HABITAT of nature and wonder.

A Welcoming Environment
At the heart of our Arlington campus sits Preshil’s Kindergarten. Nestled amongst tall trees with an open, play-friendly garden, our kindergarten is a light-filled, welcoming indoor space, and has long been the setting for communities of three and four-year-olds learning and inquiring together.

What sets us apart:
These days, most Kindergartens claim to provide what we now know is a best-practice approach to early years learning: child-led, playful and collaborative education with a focus on community and a connection to nature. Preshil has long held this approach to be central to our early years program. We have had years to develop a meaningful, holistic program that strives to be thoughtful, responsive, and accessible.

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Staff consider ourselves part of the learning community. We are learning too. We don’t go through the motions, but ask why we as a community make the choices we do. And we all learn by playing. By testing the boundaries and getting our hands dirty and trying and then trying again. In today’s society, for understandable reasons, there is less opportunity for free, open-ended play. Gone are the days of all the kids in the street playing together regardless of age or capacity. At Preshil, our mixed-age Kindergarten enables children to not just play but to reflect, to imagine, and to be creative.

We might be outside in our coats in the rain noticing how puddles form. We might revisit the question later, once we’re inside, discussing what we noticed. We might paint puddles. We might experiment with materials or measure water levels. We might then notice which creatures are drawn to the puddles and ask ourselves why. 

For many children, Kindergarten is the first time they become part of a community of their own. Figuring out a sense of identity (who am I?) and getting to know the other people in our community (who are we?) children come to experience a sense of belonging. Our Kindergarten children are members of the broader Arlington community. They spend time with visiting experts and teachers, with the primary children, and with the whole school at events like weekly Whole School Singing and Whole School Meetings.

An Arlington education is driven by a strong ethos of honouring the uniqueness of each child. Our kindergarten children are well-placed to transition to our Primary Program and are known to the community before they begin their schooling. They are also encouraged to consider their impact on their environment and their community.

Our Kindergarten Long Day Program runs from 8.00 until 6.00 with children in the Primary school joining our Kindergarten community during extended hours. This opens up opportunities for multi-age play and creates time for siblings to be together.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Available
If you are eligible for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) this will be sent directly to Preshil Kindergarten, reducing your out of pocket costs. For more information regarding the CCS please see the below links:


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Our Kindergarten is an environment for exploration and curiosity. Our indoor and outdoor spaces are interconnected, and the Kindergarten is situated within the heart of the primary school, snug within the classrooms of older children. We invite you to attend one of our upcoming Open Mornings by registering here to experience a typical day in the life of our Kindergarten.


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