Term One
Staff ReturnThursday 27 January
Students ReturnTuesday 1 February
Labour Day HolidayMonday 14 March
Close of Term OneFriday 8 April
Autumn Holidays (Two Weeks)
Term Two
Staff ReturnTuesday 26 April
Students ReturnWednesday 27 April
Queen's Birthday HolidayMonday 13 June
Close of Term TwoFriday 17 June
Winter Holidays (Three Weeks)
Term Three
Staff ReturnMonday 11 July
Students ReturnTuesday 12 July
Close of Term ThreeFriday 16 September
September Holidays (Two Weeks)
Term Four
Staff ReturnMonday 3 October
Students ReturnTuesday 4 October
Mid-Term BreakMonday 31 October
Melbourne Cup HolidayTuesday 1 November
Close of Term Four Wednesday 7 December (Students)
Friday 9 December (Teachers)